Merchandise designed to encourage compassion, provoke thought & increase awareness about animal agriculture.

I initially created Dirty Snouts™ to shed light on the horrific and inhumane practices afflicting 99% of farm animals in the U.S. After becoming more educated about the business of animal agriculture, I felt compelled to share my findings that you – like I – may not have been aware of. In this way, you can make food choices that you are comfortable with and that align with your morals.

Not only is the animal ag industry (with its shocking lack of regulation) responsible for severe animal abuse, but it is the largest contributor to climate change on our planet. Furthermore, there are significant health benefits to cutting meat, dairy and eggs from our diets.

A little + a little + a little = a lot.

Dirty Snouts™ merchandise is designed to make people think. Vegan, vegetarian or omnivore? Activist or average Joe/Jane just doing your thing? As cliché as it sounds, each of us can take steps to help our animal friends, our environment and ourselves. Every effort helps.

Ten percent of sales are donated to farm animal sanctuaries, which help rescued animals, promote awareness of animal exploitation and encourage advocacy.

I invite you to take a look around, especially the links page, which contains loads of info and resources. Also, please follow Dirty Snouts™ on Instagram (@dirty.snouts) and other social media, where I try to post regularly. Thanks so much for visiting!

Dirty Snouts Pig Snout

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