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Dirty Snouts™ was born from my desire to bring attention to issues I believe are still unknown to many people – people who would not want to enable the atrocities inherent in the production of not only meat, but also dairy and eggs. The horrific and inhumane practices of animal agriculture afflict 99% of farm animals in the U.S.

In addition to severe animal abuse, animal agriculture is the largest contributor to climate change on our planet. Furthermore, there are significant health benefits to cutting meat, dairy and eggs from our diets.

Dirty Snouts™ pieces are designed to make people think. As cliché as it sounds, each of us can take steps to help our animal friends, our environment and ourselves. Three times a day, we have the opportunity to make a difference. Let’s make food choices that align with our morals.

A minimum of ten percent of sales is donated to non-profit farm animal sanctuaries, which provide homes to rescued and exploited animals. My Celebration Collection supports additional non-profits including sanctuaries that promote awareness of animal exploitation and encourage advocacy. 

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