Number of gallons of water needed to make ONE hamburger (equivalent to 2 months worth of showers).


Percentage of farmed animals in the U.S. raised on factory farms.

Number of animals slaughtered PER MINUTE by U.S. agribusinesses.


Percentage of newborn chicks killed – simply because they're useless to the egg industry.

Number of chickens slaughtered every hour in the U.S. for human consumption.

Number of pigs slaughtered every hour in the U.S. for human consumption.

Number of cows slaughtered every hour in the U.S. for human consumption.


Percentage of newborn dairy cows permanently taken away from their mothers within 12 hours of birth.

Natural lifespan of cows.

Average age cows in the beef industry are sent to slaughter.

Average age dairy cows are sent to slaughter.

Amount of time it would take to cover the contintental U.S. in manure based on the farming industry’s manure production.

Natural lifespan of pigs.

Average age pigs raised for meat are killed.

Number of packages of ground turkey you’d need to buy in order to get one without antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Natural lifespan of chickens.

Average age chickens used for meat are killed.

Average age chickens used for eggs are killed.


Percentage of annual worldwide greenhouse gas emissions created by livestock and their byproducts.

Number of eggs laid per year by wild hens in nature.

Number of eggs laid due per year by modern hens due to intensive breeding.

Number of animals slaughered for food each year.

Number of animals saved per year by adopting a vegan diet.






Why We Love Dogs Eat Pigs and Wear Cows, by Melanie Joy, PhD.


www.humanefacts.org/dairy/The Myth of Happy Dairy Cows







(Worldwatch Institute)


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