Animal Friends

Did you know that cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, and turkeys have personalities? I hope you’ll consider meeting farmed animals who you may never have thought of as more than food. One great way to do this is to visit a farm animal sanctuary. Here’s a link to some, but not all, sanctuaries to help get you started. You might also want to search a “microsanctuary” in your area.

If you have the opportunity to get to know any of these 2 and 4 legged pals by spending extended periods of time with them, you will really be in for a treat!

Below are some of my sanctuary friends, with links to their websites, as well as a list of Dirty Snouts™ donation recipients.

Dexter, resident of Sale Ranch Sanctuary
This is Dexter! When he was a piglet, Dexter and another youngster were purchased from a factory farm to be used in show biz. Once they got bigger – as piglets always do – their subsequent gigs fell through and Hollywood had no use for them. Fortunately, their trainer reached out to Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary, who welcomed Dexter and his celebrity pal Susie! Now, instead of being exploited in the limelight, they hang out in the sunlight! And unlike the millions of other pigs who are subjected to factory farms, the show does go on for these two fortunate souls.

Dirty Snouts™ is currently donating to: Heartland Farm Sanctuary, located in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Donations from sales in my Celebration Collection go to Heartland Farm Sanctuary, Ellie Mae Farm Sanctuary, Arthur’s Acres Farm Sanctuary, Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary and The Humane League. Additionally, I am proud to support the following 501c3 non-profit sanctuaries with in-kind and/or monetary donations.


Heartland Farm Sanctuary

Stoughton, Wisconsin



SoL Criations Farm Sanctuary

Endeavor, Wisconsin



Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary

Parksville, New York


Little Bear Sanctuary

Punta Gorda, Florida

Little Bear Sanctuary photo



Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

Waelder, Texas

Houdini from Rowdy Girl



Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge

Jamestown, Tennessee











Ellie Mae Farm Sanctuary


Ellie Mae Farm Sanctuary



Iowa Farm Sanctuary

Marengo, Iowa













Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary

Commerce City, Colorado










Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary

Brodnax, Virginia














Sunrise Sanctuary

Marysville, Ohio 

Luke from Sunrise Sanctuary












Shy 38 Inc.

Lawrence, Kansas









Ironwood Pig Sanctuary

Marana, Arizona