What comes to mind when you see this image? For me, it was the coronavirus. This is a pin given to me about 4 years ago by a dear friend who knows I like funky jewelry and vintage stuff. Being a pretty casual person and dressing up infrequently (even before the virus), I stashed this 1960s gem away in my jewelry box. 

Flash forward to the other night. I was looking for a ring and came across my space-age brooch. I laughed out loud, seeing it in a whole new light! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t made the connection before.

This is what becoming vegan did to me. Things I had viewed or thought of in a certain way suddenly looked completely different! Early on, I noticed that I opted to carefully capture and release a bug outside, rather than squash it on my floor. This vegan vision extended to my own belongings, too. For example, my old consignment bargains I had proudly discovered and subsequently worn: vintage El Rey cowboy boots and a crazy-soft black leather jacket! Then, there were miscellaneous items such as fun bacon and eggs socks, a “hamburger” tin I’ve owned since childhood, and all kinds of sushi stuff (part of my former sushi collection). It seemed that everywhere I looked, I saw something old with new eyes.

I’ve been vegan for a few years, and I am still discovering things in my house. Just the other night, I pulled out a set of handmade dinner plates I had fallen in love with while living in France. Despite not being much of a meat eater, I had to have these plates by an artist I adored. They featured well known dishes like Coq Au Vin and Duck a l’Orange. I stared long and hard at each plate. I felt awful and tried to be kind to my former self, rather than beat myself up for supporting the concept of eating animals. 

Cendrine dinner platesCoq au vin plate

In the process of becoming VEGANIZED, I developed VEGAN EYES. Have you had similar enlightening experiences? If so, I’d love to hear from you! And if you’d like to see more of what I see, check out my Instagram Highlights section called Vegan Eyes. 

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