Perhaps because it’s summer, I’ve been thinking about the contrast between plant-based and animal-based foods.

A fresh tomato or veggies from the garden are among the season’s best offerings! And if you grew them yourself, there’s the added satisfaction of having produced your own food. For some, starting from seeds in Spring and nurturing their plant babies until they’re ready to move outside is a yearly ritual. For those not-so-green-thumbed types (me), bringing home even one plant and taking care of it is rewarding. Either way, it’s exciting when your crop starts to flower, bear fruit and eventually become ripe for picking… and eating. 

Even if you hate all things gardening, I’m sure you have not problem with watching your food be plucked off a vine or pulled out of the ground. However, to witness how your bacon, burgers and grilled chicken are produced is a completely different story!

factory farmed pigs  Poultry farm.

Most people don’t want to see how their “food” lives and grows, and they especially don’t want to see animals being killed for any reason. No matter how you slice them (pun intended), slaughtering animals to be eaten is violent and upsetting stuff.

Chicken processing.


Food for thought

 If you had to raise and produce all your food yourself, would you still eat animal products? If the answer is “no,” but you still consume meat, dairy and eggs, please consider changing to a compassionate diet that you would feel good about raising from beginning to end.








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