I am a mom. When I was pregnant and after I had my babies, my body produced milk (duh, right?). Oddly, I was semi blown away when this happened. My body had already gone through numerous transformations to grow tiny people inside me (and get them out!), so what was one more thing?

I was in simply in awe that my body knew what to do and when to do it. This is probably TMI, but I’m small breasted and remained so throughout my pregnancy and the entire time I nursed. I’d been told that chest size had nothing to do with one’s ability to produce milk. They weren’t kidding. What I lacked in the voluptuous department, I made up for in the baby feeding category!

Mother Nature is an incredible force. As a human, I produced milk for my human babies. Cats’ bodies produce milk for their feline babies. And cows’ bodies produce milk for their bovine babies. It’s that simple, really. 

Ask yourself: 

• Why do humans find it gross to drink their own or other human milk after they’ve been weaned?

• Why do we drink the lactation fluid (milk) from another species that is laden with hormones and ingredients designed to grow calves into cows and bulls in a short period of time? “Often called the ‘perfect food’ for a human baby’s digestive system, breast milk’s components … are easily digested by a newborn.”1 In contrast, manufactured formula can’t quite match the composition of biological breast milk. This is “Because milk is a living substance made by each mother for her individual infant, a process that can’t be duplicated in a factory.”1

• How do you feel about drinking camel milk? Are you cringing? According to healthline.com, camels’ milk is high in nutrients and has other potential health benefits.2 

As you celebrate motherhood in whatever way is meaningful this holiday, I hope you will remember all the non-human mothers who are exploited – for us to enjoy the fruits of their bodies’ labor. Dairy cows and chickens are among the most abused beings in animal agriculture. Not only do we put their bodies through repeated painful and abnormal growth, but we destroy their families in the process. 



Photos: Courtesy of Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary and Ellie Mae Farm Sanctuary

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