Start conversations with ear tag earrings! Great for vegan activism.

To me, ear tags epitomize the mistreatment of sentient beings as objects. My ear tag earrings, necklaces, and accessories represent the lives of thousands of cows, sheep, pigs and goats subjected to the tortures of Animal Agriculture. 

The ear tag numbers featured in my work are the same as those worn by actual cows with whom I have had contact. Like us, each is an individual. “366” sucked on my hand and let me pet her muzzle. “117” was shy and reluctant to get too close. These loving creatures are NOT just numbers.


• Each pair includes 2 different numbered yellow ear tags. Note: numbers may vary from those shown in photos.
• Silver-plated brass surgical steel posts
• Clear rubber clutch earring backs

• Ten percent of all direct sales are donated to farm animal sanctuaries. See the Animal Friends page for current sanctuary recipient(s).

• Gift wrap available.

• All sales final for jewelry and accessories. Please contact me with any questions prior to ordering.


that like humans, female cows only make milk following pregnancy, when they have babies to feed? Unfortunately, the dairy industry confiscates that milk for people, rather than allowing it to be fed to the calves for whom it was intended.

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