Pro Peace Sticker Packs

NEW! Promote messages of peace, not blame.


So much hate dominates what we see on social media. Israelis and Palestinians are more similar than they are different. They desire and deserve the same things: 

– To live free from terrorism
– To live free from oppression
– To live free of exploitation by those in power
– To speak the truth without fear of being persecuted by a corrupt government

War destroys families of all races and species, which is why I’m donating a portion of all sales to animal sanctuaries in the region.


• Original design

• 3” x 3” permanent vinyl stickers 

• Waterproof, durable and colorfast

• Choose from packs of 5, 10, and 25

• 30% of all sales are donated to animal sanctuaries in Gaza and Israel because war destroys families of all races and species. See tab below for specifics.

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Dirty Snouts has always been about animals, not just those who were rescued and live in sanctuary, but animals who are held captive and slaughtered in the name of “food,” “leather,” and more. So many exploited populations need voices to speak up for them, but these pure innocent victims captured my heart and most needed my attention. 

Until now. 

The terrorism that took place in Israel on October 7th was mind blowing. Violent rape and murder of unsuspecting civilian families and music festival attendees observing a holiday is literally the stuff of nightmares. Hamas filmed and posted their actions online for victims’ loved ones and the world to see. They took 240 hostages of all ages, most of whom are still held captive 100 (and counting) days later. 

The nightmare quickly worsened after 10/7. People tore down posters of the kidnapped victims. They took to the streets with covered faces, yelling and chanting phrases that call for not just the death of Israel, but all Jews. In my own city of Madison, Wisconsin, there was a Neo-Nazi march.

I feel just as strongly about the animals as I always have. However, when my very existence became threatened, I had to speak up. Please help me change the dialogue to promoting peace, not blame. 

I am donating 30% of sticker sales to animal sanctuaries in Israel and Gaza (divided equally). While we are witnessing the worst of humanity in some arenas, I see compassion, love and perseverence in others. Examples of people making the world better include the ones behind Keren-Or-Farm and Sulala Animal Rescue. There they are working hard to provide for animal victims of this war that has destroyed families of various races and species. May we all experience peace. Shalom. Salam. 


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