Zee “Cowmeo” Cow Necklace

NEW! Part of my Celebration Collection

If you like a more subtle and delicate piece than some of my other jewelry, I suggest this necklace. Sweet Zee standing in her pasture is sure to make any animal lover smile. 

Zee’s story

Zee is a Hereford cow. She was born on a beef farm after her mother, Ellie Mae, was purchased at an auction and used for breeding purposes. Had Ellie Mae not been rescued (read her story here), she and Zee would have been used as breeding machines and likely killed long before their natural lifespans of 20 years. To read more about them, check out Ellie Mae Farm Sanctuary.

15% of Ellie Mae cowmeo necklace sales are donated to Ellie Mae Farm Sanctuary and $1.00 from each sale is donated to The Humane League, a non-profit working to improve the lives of farmed animals. 

My Celebration Collection celebrates sweethearts like Zee, who now live their lives free from exploitation. Cows love their families just as we do. As a mother, I can’t imagine having my baby who I carried for 9 months taken away after birth. Sadly, this is the reality of animal agriculture. See my Links page to learn more about how animals are exploited. 



• Handcrafted with love in Madison, Wisconsin

• Black-plated pendant including 18" ball chain   *If you prefer a chain with a different length, please specify this in the “Order notes” when you order (under Step #2).

• Part of my Celebration Collection 

• Gift wrap available (see below)

• All sales final for jewelry and accessories. Please contact me with any questions prior to ordering.

Did you know... ? !

There is research confirming that mother cows form strong emotional bonds with their calves and that they show signs of distress when they are separated.


These 2″ Vinca earrings pair so well with my Dirty Snouts merch that I had to order some of them. Get yours now at a reduced price, with any shirt or jewelry purchase. Dimensions: ~2″ long x 3/8″ wide.

Save time and money with eco-friendly GIFT WRAP (see photos). Choose from options below. Please include any special requests, such as an accompanying message in the Notes section of your order.

Cowmeos require a little extra love. They are water resistant, not waterproof. Showering, swimming and extended periods of heavy sweating in them should be avoided. 

Keep cowmeos away from chemicals, soaps, salt water, etc. as these can affect the finish. 


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